Saturday, June 2, 2012

Waxahachie - Part One

Logistically, the town of Waxahachie, Texas, is about thirty miles south of Dallas.  It only seems like you're in another era when you visit.  Known for its distinctive "gingerbread" style of architecture, there are many homes that catch your eye while visiting.  Many movies have also been filmed here, including "Bonnie & Clyde," "Tender Mercies," "Places in the Heart," and "The Trip to Boutiful."  It's fine country, with friendly people.

Today was the 44th annual "Gingerbread Trails Tour of Homes."  I headed down first thing this morning, but it was already 85 degrees.  Equipped with camera equipment and lots of bottled water, it was far from a hardship to visit.  I first stopped at the arts and crafts festival in Getzendaner Park, where I visited with an artist named Jean.  She and two sisters had beautiful things for sale.
There was also live music.  Isn't "Pig Ankle" a great name for a band?  I was early, so they weren't all there yet, but the fiddling was fine.

 People enjoyed the occasional breeze, knowing that soon it would be hot and humid.

There were some cute little dogs taking in the action, too!  I bought a few of Jean's creative "wall cards" and then returned to my car to find the homes on tour.  Tickets purchased, and map in the hands of my friend, Jane the Navigator, we soon stepped back into the past.  It was glorious. Houses like this one dotted the streets, and many had flags flying in their front yards.
Our first stop on the tour was this gorgeous two-story home.  The owners were dressed in period costumes, and their pride in the house was evident.

This woodwork is original to the home!
The pond in the back yard contained fish and this picture-perfect bloom on a lily pad.
The next home belongs to Jennifer, a friend of mine whom I'd met at the vintage Petticoats on the Prairie show.  She's a very talented artist, and it's a pleasure to know her.  She and her husband purchased their house last December, after it'd sat empty and neglected for quite some time.  You'd never know it now! Sorry about those bunny ears over your head, Jennifer...I just noticed them!!  They're kind of cute, actually!

Outside, these lovely ladies (mom and daughters) were selling gingerbread men.

More photos to come from the rest of my day...looks like I took too many, as usual!

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