Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Happy Birthday, Finley!

Time flies by so quickly; it seems like just yesterday that I was photographing a very pregnant Lauren. Finley turns two years old today, and I am celebrating from afar.You see, Lauren is my daughter's best friend, and I've known her for many, many years. She's just like another daughter to me, and I'm so proud of her! Best wishes and love to little Finley, and to the entire Sheehan family!

Saturday, January 25, 2014


This week I had a photo session with Abi, a beautiful girl who plays a musical instrument called a veena. The sitar, which more people are familiar with, was derived from the veena, originating in India. Abi has been playing for many years, and she will have a solo recital this summer. The photos I took were for the recital program. I was lucky enough for her to play for me, and to say the music sounded exquisite would be an understatement. What talent! I'm now looking forward to her recital, where I'll photograph the reception.

Monday, January 6, 2014

The Girls

Rose the Rat Terrier asked me if she could be featured in my blog today. I decided she could because, heck, Rose is a very accommodating model. My camera equipment is always out and about. All I need to do is pick up the camera, and her little butt sits right down. She's quite the poser.We're experiencing record cold weather in Dallas. This evening, Posie and I went across the street to see our friend and neighbor, Melissa. Before we left, I put Rose in her Alibar hat and ski jacket. Alibar is a facebook group located in Spain that auctions hand-knitted hats to benefit the Galgos (Spanish greyhounds). As you can see, Rose has a reindeer hat.
 You've got to love her sweet little profile!
 When we returned, baby sister, Coco, came over to investigate...
Coco insisted that she be allowed to try on the much coveted hat, but once on, she wasn't very happy with it.
 In fact, she was downright gleeful when she managed to take it off!
Rose, by then, was bored with the whole thing. Claiming that Coco had photo bombed her blog post, she went back to bed. Night night, y'all.

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Jacob was one week old today, and we celebrated with a photo shoot. Here are a few of my favorites. As you can see, Jacob is blessed with a family that adores him! Welcome to the world, sweet boy!