Monday, January 6, 2014

The Girls

Rose the Rat Terrier asked me if she could be featured in my blog today. I decided she could because, heck, Rose is a very accommodating model. My camera equipment is always out and about. All I need to do is pick up the camera, and her little butt sits right down. She's quite the poser.We're experiencing record cold weather in Dallas. This evening, Posie and I went across the street to see our friend and neighbor, Melissa. Before we left, I put Rose in her Alibar hat and ski jacket. Alibar is a facebook group located in Spain that auctions hand-knitted hats to benefit the Galgos (Spanish greyhounds). As you can see, Rose has a reindeer hat.
 You've got to love her sweet little profile!
 When we returned, baby sister, Coco, came over to investigate...
Coco insisted that she be allowed to try on the much coveted hat, but once on, she wasn't very happy with it.
 In fact, she was downright gleeful when she managed to take it off!
Rose, by then, was bored with the whole thing. Claiming that Coco had photo bombed her blog post, she went back to bed. Night night, y'all.


  1. Hi there! That hat is absolutely precious! I've been struggling to find a way to keep my rat terriers' ears warm when it's this cold out. Is that an actual hat for dogs? Do you mind me asking where you got it? And Rose obviously doesn't mind it keeping her ears in? Thanks!

  2. Hello, Allie, and thanks for stopping by. I put the info on Rose's facebook page! Let me know if you have any questions.