Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Paris Awaits

Once upon a time, there were four girls...Missy, Vickie, Sheffy, and Lala. Missy is my cousin, and she lives in Alabama.  Sheffy and Lala are Dallas friends. We decided it would be fun to take a girls' trip to Santa Fe. We had a fantastic time! We saw the opera, we went to the Ten Thousand Waves Spa, visited the O'Keeffe museum, and went to the galleries on Canyon Road. We drank margaritas, and ate amazing Mexican food...the real stuff, not Tex-Mex. All in all, it was a trip to remember!

But when we all got together for lunch here in Dallas, while Missy was visiting me at Christmastime, we realized that several years had passed since our Santa Fe adventure. And we were sad. So we started talking about places we could visit for our next girls' trip, and before I knew it...BAM!
The consensus was Paris! Missy and Lala had never been there. Sheffy has been once. Our newest adventure depended upon whether or not I could get a free ticket with my miles...usually an impossible feat. But, after our get-together, I came home and checked it out, and, sure enough, a free ticket was mine. As most of you know, France is my most favorite place to visit, and I absolutely love Paris. We were all beyond excited!

Numerous hours of planning have now gone into this trip, as we leave on May 4, and we'll have four gloriously full (and I mean full) days before heading back home on May 9. I've enlisted two wonderful friends who live in France to hang out with us. Victoria lives in Lyon, but her parents live in a Paris suburb. She's taking the train to Paris, and will be spending more time than she probably wants to with us!
Geni lives very close to Paris, and is originally from Alabama, near where my family is from. It's a small world! We're convinced we are somehow related. Geni and I have met up several times in Paris, and we like to take pictures together. This trip, we'll be visiting Giverny with her to see Monet's lovely gardens, and then to do a little sightseeing in the surrounding countryside.
So please join us: save this page as a favorite. and come along for the ride! I'll be blogging each evening about all sorts of things, and of course there will be plenty of photographs of food, dogs, splendid sights, and people. See you soon!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Graduation for Samantha

Sam's mother and I have been friends since 2003. I was lucky enough to visit them twice while their family lived in Germany, and now they're just down the road in San Antonio. Five-year-old Sam is now graduating from high school (how'd THAT happen??), and this afternoon we did a photo shoot for her in Rockwall, Texas. Lots of fun! Sam is off to the University of Alabama in August, and will be majoring in mechanical engineering. Here are some of my favorites.

When you're posing for your pictures, it always helps to have your mom behind you helping out!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Stephanie and Chris

It was a beautiful, blue sky day for a wedding out in the country this afternoon. Best wishes to Stephanie and Chris. Here are some of my favorite shots.