Friday, May 31, 2019

France -Day Ten

We’ve had a spectacular day in Paris, today. Shopping, eating, sightseeing, meeting a mutual Facebook friend for the first time!  It just doesn’t get much better!

Thursday, May 30, 2019

France - Day Nine

Victoria and I made it to Paris, but it was a long day!  We have both been sick, although I’m down to just a horrible cough, which usually starts up just as I sit down to dinner!  The train ride west (from Strasbourg) was uneventful and we both slept most of the way. A taxi ride then took us to my friend’s apartment. We checked out the neighborhood, did a little shopping, and met my friend Gaelle for dinner. Here are a few photos; I’ll do better tomorrow!

As we left Riquewihr earlier today, this art installation has been constructed for the upcoming Tour de France. 

Goodbye, Riquewihr!

Isadora rested on the train. 

First picture of Paris!

Sadly, this is now the view of Norte Dame. 

The flower shops are as amazing as ever. 

More later!

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

France Day Eight

This morning, we made the short drive through the countryside to the tiny village of Niedermorschwihr, France. Home of the jam fairy, Christine Ferber, and her family’s bakery and shop, it’s a must for a visit. 

The Ferber bakery sign:

Our trunk:

Tonight is our last night in the incredibly lovely Alsace region. Victoria and I are heading to Paris, and Nancy and John, to Dijon. More adventures to come!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

France -Day Seven

We spent today with friends Martine, Marie-France and Pierre. While we did many things, I wanted to first share our lunch with you.  

The auberge was high up in the Vosges Mountains. Giant cows (truly happy cows) grazed in the adjoining fields. The restaurant was expecting us, as we were on a private tour day with Martine and Pierre. The menu offered two things, a Munster cheese and potato casserole with salad, or sliced pork with the best darned potatoes in existence plus a salad. Everything was house made: even the  cheese and the pork. We drank cremant (the local sparkling wine, and renowned as the best in Alsace). Dessert was handmade vanilla ice cream from the happy cows, topped with cherry liquor sauce. The cafe itself was like something out of a Heidi movie, featuring cowbells and pottery. 

More later!