Monday, October 19, 2015

Skip 2 My Lou

Years ago, at the Edom, Texas Fall Art Festival, I met an artist named Janet Waldrop. She created the most fantastic jewelry pieces, made from all kinds of unique found objects, most collected by Janet on her travels. They were then displayed by attaching them to vintage photographs. I still see Janet from time to time, and her work, if possible, continues to get even better.

Sunday, October 4, 2015


Once upon a time, I saw a tiny little mouse on Etsy. I knew right away that she would be a good traveling companion, and I immediately got in touch with Johana, the artist, who lives in Chile. Johana agreed to make Isadora with a traveling backpack and a camera, and several weeks later, poor Isadora experienced jet lag and culture shock, as she opened her eyes in Dallas, Texas.

Isadora first traveled with me to Winfield, Alabama for a visit to my family. She was lucky enough to spend her nights in what used to be my Aunt Elaine's bedroom, a Gone With the Wind vision in pink.
Our next trip was to my favorite little town in this country, Jerome, Arizona. Isadora visited designer Christy Fisher's incredible shop in Cottonwood, and admired the jewelry.
We stayed at the Surgeons House Bed & Breakfast, the most enchanting, amazing place in town. Isadora loved the tiled wall on one side of the house.
Soon, though, we set our sights for Europe, and we spent time researching many wonderful places.
Our first trip abroad together was in 2014 to France and the Netherlands. We stopped in Madrid and ate a ham sandwich before continuing on to Toulouse.
From there, we drove to Saint Cirq-Lapopie, France, where we spent a week in a perfectly situated little house, overlooking the River Lot.
Isadora kept track of the wine corks from a day of wine tasting outside of Cahor.
 She took her job very seriously!
We also spent a day in Rocamadour.

 From France, we traveled to Amsterdam, a city of cheese!

Last month, we flew to Paris.
From there, we took the train to Lyon. Among many other things, we really enjoyed the Silk Museum.

 Next, we took the train north to Dijon, where we spent a week in a splendid apartment!

We did a lot of shopping, and found Christine Ferber's jams and many kinds of mustard!

In Paris, we visited many shops. One very kind shopkeeper insisted on posing Isadora so that I could photograph her!

Isadora and I are now home. Our next trip is to Montana in January, so she may need a coat! Thanks for following the meantime, happy trails to you all!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Dijon Hospitality

During a recent trip to France, my friends stayed at a perfect studio apartment right across the street from the best museums in Dijon. They'd found their home away from home online, and after reading many spectacular comments, booked it. I stayed a few blocks away in my own little place. I'm such a stickler for customer service, but even I was beyond impressed with Coco, the owner of the studio, who even picked us up at the train station (me, too, and I wasn't even staying at her place)! Among other things, Coco grocery shopped and stocked the fridge before our arrival, made a small chocolate cake, and set a beautiful table with fresh fruit and other treats before my friends checked in. After check-in, she took all of us on a delightful walking tour of the town. She also arranged for a taxi to take us to the train station when we departed (and only because she was unavailable). You seldom see this kind of hospitality these days...simply amazing!

I believe Dijon may be somewhat overlooked as a travel destination in France. We found that many people came for just a long weekend. We stayed for a week, and could've stayed longer. It is a lovely city, with wonderful restaurants, shops, markets, and museums.  For those of you interested in this super fantastic studio, you can meet Coco and check it out here.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Dogs with a European Flair!

Snapped a few dog photographs while in France (no surprise there)! Such gorgeous pups, with such great lives! They eat at restaurants, work in shops, and enjoy each and every day.