Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Year in Pictures

2012 is coming to a close.  What happened to the time?  Photographs sure are a good way to help you remember!  In January, Krista flew out so I could do her bridal portraits.  We did a day in the country and a day in the city.  Lots of fun!  It's hard to believe my baby is a married woman.
Soon afterwards, I took a trip to Alabama to visit the family.  Mom is 81 and Dad is 85, but they continue to  amaze me with their get up and go.
Mom and I took a day trip to Columbus, Mississippi, where I found the house of my dreams.
Springtime was beautiful in Dallas.  My redbud trees put on quite a show!
Springtime was also Petticoats on the Prairie time in Waxahachie.  I met up with my Girls Gone Junkin' friends there, and had a fun day poking around vintage travel trailers and booths full of all kinds of treasures.
The bluebonnets in April were not as hospitable as they'd been in the past.
The Azalea Trail in Tyler, Texas gave me some new photo opportunities, including this self-portrait.
On Easter weekend, I made the pilgrimage to my favorite small town, Jerome, Arizona.  My old friend, Tim, came along for the ride, and it really was a step back in time. Here's the sunrise on Easter morning from my room.
I managed to sneak in a quick trip to Chino Valley, Arizona, where I finally met my facebook friend, Holly Joy, and her incredible Iggies!  Holly makes dog clothing of the highest caliber, and Rose and Coco often wear her creations.
Cousin Missy came to visit for a girls long weekend in May.  We fit in 3,298 things in three days, and had fun every second of it all!  Here's Missy at First Monday in Canton. Missy, come back soon!
The Chihuly exhibit came to the Dallas Arboretum in May.  Although I did enough photo shoots there throughout the year to sufficiently tire of it, the first time I saw it, I was blown away.
To celebrate my birthday in June, I flew to Portland for some mother-daughter time.  We picked berries, visited a great farmers market, and did a bit of shopping.
From there, we flew to Phoenix together, rented a car, and drove up to Jerome (my choice of where I wanted to be on my birthday).  It was, as always, incredible.  As we drove up the mountain, hollyhocks surrounded the b&b where I always stay.  Enchanting!
My Jerome friends surprised me with this birthday cake!
In August, Krista flew to Dallas, and we took a very long road trip to Alabama for my Mom's birthday.  I did several photo shoots while there, and with some luck and two very cute subjects, snapped one of my favorite photographs ever.
My nephew, Wes, also flew in from California.  I don't get to see him very often, so it was fun to catch up.  Plus, my folks were in hog heaven since both of their grandchildren were there.  In fact, there were people was great to meet up with lots of family and friends.
We lost some good ones this year, too.  My sweet Aunt Polly passed away in the fall.  My friend Dee's beautiful girl, Amy, got her angel wings just recently.  Dee handled it with more strength and grace that one could ever imagine. My friend, Mr. Bill, lost his father, Jules Kappes.  Baxter Miller went to the Rainbow Bridge, and is greatly missed, and little Giblet Messner ran away, presumably to join the circus.
In August, someone lower than low dumped this sweet Chihuahua in my neighborhood.  Her name is Coco Chanel, and she now wants for nothing.  Definitely their loss and my gain (Coco's, too)!
Rose and Coco were wild animals for Halloween.  They loved their outfits!
In October, I spent almost two weeks in France with my good friends and traveling companions, Nancy and John.  We visited southwestern France first (where we stayed in a 150-year-old house), and then finished up the trip in Paris.  This is the castle in Carcassonne.
November brought a Thanksgiving trip to Alabama, where I fit in a number of family photo shoots, and caught up with everyone while there.  I'm blessed to come from such a large family!
Christmas found me back in Portland, celebrating the holiday with Krista and Tony.
It was a good year. I have some New Year's resolutions in mind, and am currently in the "thinking" stage, trying to figure out how to accomplish them (or at least some of them).  I appreciate your following along on my blog, and I look forward to seeing you again soon.  Happy 2013...let's try for a better world, more peace and understanding, good health, and lots of love.  Cheers!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

I've been enjoying a few days off in Portland for Christmas. Unfortunately, the weather has been cold and rainy, with only one day to really get out.  My daughter's neighborhood is full of lots of cool places within walking distance.  One of my favorite shops is an antique store called Farmhouse Antiques.  It always has lots of things that call to me, like these vintage Christmas ornaments, and old photographs.

It's definitely a fun place to check out the next time you're in town.
It's been a quiet day here.  Sleeping in, eating a late breakfast, and then sitting down to an early dinner.  We watched the Polar Express movie afterwards, and now I'm getting ready to pack and head back to Dalllas (and to work) early tomorrow.  I hope all of you have had a Merry Christmas, and I wish you a wonderful 2013.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Quirky Portland

Portland is quirky.  There's not a shred of doubt in my mind about that!  I arrived yesterday afternoon,  and upon stopping for lunch, this is the first thing I saw.
There was a real dog in the car, too, barking to say how happy he was to be sitting inside this work of art.  The antique store down the street had Santa hats on all of their geese, in case they got too cold.
Inside the shop was this splendid Christmas tree made out of books!
And also some oh-so-true words for women everywhere!
The shop where Krista gets her hair done had very festive employees at work!
And all this in my first hour of arriving!  Much more to come!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Luggage

I seem to have lots of vintage suitcases hanging around my house.  I normally use them for photography props, but Christmas found me thinking "outside the box" and fixing them up a bit.  This one holds a favorite globe of mine (it lights up!), as well as some little Golden books that were Krista's when she was young.  The little white bear was the first thing I ever bought for her...I was three months pregnant and found it in a little shop in Sedona, Arizona in 1979.
This little aqua train case is just the right size to hold some Christmas treasures.
 This train case was my mother's.  It was a wedding present to her in 1951.
 I found this suitcase at an antique store in Winfield, Alabama.  When I got it back to Dallas and checked it out more thoroughly, I found a folded up shopping bag from Graceland in one of the pockets.  My vintage snowman looks right at home here, don't  you think?

Sunday, December 9, 2012


I did a senior shoot this afternoon for a beautiful girl named Sabrina.  The fickle Dallas weather went from overly warm to cold and windy, but Sabrina kept on smiling.  The shoot was a delight, and so was Sabrina.  I hope there's more like her out there.  If that's the case, our future will be in good hands.