Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 - The Year in Pictures

I always do a year-end post on my blog. 2014 was both good and bad, but here we are with 2015 knocking at the door tomorrow. I'm an optimist and I'm hopeful for a happy and healthy new year.
In February, my friend, Jeanie, and I flew to Phoenix and spent a long weekend up in Jerome, one of my favorite little towns. Located in northern Arizona, it's held a piece of my heart since the 1970's.

 We made a day trip to Chino Valley to visit the lovely Holly Joy. Here she is with Princessa.

In March, I spent a week back home in Alabama. Here's my best friend from sixth grade! Jimmie Sue, you look marvelous!
 My mom (here at age 82) never seems to age.
And of course I spent time driving around country roads in search of things like pianos on porches of deserted houses.
The daffodils were in full bloom. I took a bouquet to my grandparents' abandoned homestead, and left it on the front door. My grandmother would've loved that.
Sister Pam came in for a few days, and fell in love with this sweet puppy.
 Although I didn't know it, this would be the last time I would see my beloved Aunt Reba well.
 My Uncle Don and his cousin, Larry, posed for me.  What skallawags!
 I did a couple of photo shoots while in Winfield, including Lauren and Emilie on prom night.

When I got back to Dallas, I did a photo shoot for a donation I'd made to National Mill Dog Rescue's online auction.  Look at this sweetie pie!
In April, I went to France with my friends, Nancy and John.  We spent a week in a cottage in the village of Saint Cirq-Lapopie. It was indescribably beautiful.

While I was there, my friend Melissa's amazing mama, Claudia, passed away unexpectedly. She is missed every single day

 Isadora spent a day in Rocamadour, France.

 I met two new friends, Nerida and Ann. What fun!
From France, we went to Amsterdam for five days. It'd been ten years since I'd visited, and it was even better than I remembered. We rented a canal house, which was a great experience, and one I'd highly recommend.

 Although we didn't plan it, we were there during tulip time!

I came to my two ignored dogs. Rose insisted on a photo shoot of her own.
June appeared soon thereafter, and with it, my sixtieth birthday. Krista and my two sisters flew in to Alabama, so the whole family was together.

My mom, Krista, cousin Missy and I spent a day in Florence, Alabama visiting Alabama Chanin. An incredible place!

 Here's Becton, on his great-great-grandfather's property outside of Winfield, Alabama.
 I had two birthday parties, the first at dad's house.

 And my very talented cousin, Sherry, baked me the best birthday cake ever.
I had a few hours to visit with Aunt Reba and her children/my cousins, Keith and Missy. She remained in good spirits then.
 I love to photograph hands.  Here's Aunt Reba's and her children's.

The second birthday party was at Aroma's in Winfield, this one for my mom's side of the family.

Although it was a great trip, I didn't get to spend enough time with Aunt Reba, so I flew back the following weekend, which was the July 4th holiday weekend. It was the best trip I've ever made, and the last time I saw her before she passed away on July 16.
 It was good to visit Krista in Montana later that first trip to that state.

Jeanie moved into her new house over the summer, and once again she proved to be the Queen of Interior Design.

August brought another trip to Jerome, this time with friend, Susan.  Here's Ann, trying hard to make earrings out of Andrea's grapes!

It was so good to get away from everything, but unfortunately while I was there, my dad's older sister, Mary Belle, passed away. She was 94, and a strong, amazing woman.

 This was Susan's first trip to Jerome, but not her last!

 Holly Joy has started raising chickens. Look at this little one!
 I did get her husband Tom to pose for the first time!

I was back in Bama for Thanksgiving, but ended up sick with a horrible ear infection. I was so sick that I didn't feel like photographing...and that's bad! These are taken on Thanksgiving Day in Livingston.

 My cousin's beautiful daughter, Gracie.
 Soon it was time for the girls' annual Christmas card photo shoot.
Nancy visited for a weekend in December, and we spent a day in Waxahachie, shopping and playing tourist.

The Dallas Art Museum had several good exhibits, and outside in the courtyard, it reminded us of France!
 The baby next door is growing like a weed.  She's loves "Wose!"
 Of course Mr. Bill continues to take good care of us all.
 And cousin Missy flew out to spend Christmas with me. It was nice and peaceful.
 Best wishes for love and light in 2015, and thank you for traveling with me.