Thursday, May 30, 2019

France - Day Nine

Victoria and I made it to Paris, but it was a long day!  We have both been sick, although I’m down to just a horrible cough, which usually starts up just as I sit down to dinner!  The train ride west (from Strasbourg) was uneventful and we both slept most of the way. A taxi ride then took us to my friend’s apartment. We checked out the neighborhood, did a little shopping, and met my friend Gaelle for dinner. Here are a few photos; I’ll do better tomorrow!

As we left Riquewihr earlier today, this art installation has been constructed for the upcoming Tour de France. 

Goodbye, Riquewihr!

Isadora rested on the train. 

First picture of Paris!

Sadly, this is now the view of Norte Dame. 

The flower shops are as amazing as ever. 

More later!

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