Sunday, June 3, 2012

Waxahachie - Part Two

After walking through two of the homes on tour, we drove over to the town square.  The Ellis County Courthouse is located here.
There was a vintage car show being held around the square.

I coveted this rusty old truck with turquoise doors, thinking it would make a great prop for my photo shoots!
The Ellis County Museum was also open.  I'll be honest: we stopped in to escape from the heat, but ended up enjoying looking at everything on display.

We had lunch at The Dove's Nest, which I'd heard about, but not visited. It's a shop with a restaurant that's open for lunch. The food was excellent, and the shop was full of all sorts of good things.

After our shopping and eating were finished, it was time to return to the car, and look at more homes.  This one wasn't on the tour, but I felt it deserved to be!
Look at this veranda!  Can't you just imagine sitting out there with a crystal glass of sweet tea, munching on a pimento and cheese sandwich?
This large red home was next to see, so we parked and checked it out.  Very nice!

This is David Trip, a talented artist who was involved with the plein art painting that was going on around town.  Setting up across from a home on tour, he was quickly painting the view.  The heat didn't even seem to bother him! David's website is if you'd like to see more of his excellent work.
Each of the houses on the Gingerbread Trails tour had a little gingerbread man in their front yard.
This house had such a rich family history.  Family members from many generations were present, and they all introduced themselves and had stories to tell.
 The owner's niece told us about this old refrigerator.
 The back yard looked cool and inviting!
 The stairs were lined with white accents...a nice touch.
 Upstairs, three vintage family wedding dresses were on display, one hung on each of the bedroom doors.

 By mid-afternoon, we were beginning to lag.  One home was left to see, and Jane the Navigator said we should see it since we paid for the entire tour!  I'm glad we did, because it was so creatively decorated. I think this is an interesting way to display photographs.
 Sweet vintage clothing was hung on a rack in the daughter's room.
 The living room looked so inviting!

 On the way out, we walked through a fun wall was covered with 45 rpm records!
The day was over, and we drove home with the scent of old fashioned blooms in the air.  Thanks, Waxahachie, for the tour!

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