Sunday, June 17, 2012

Portland - Day One

Approaching Portland by air is a beautiful sight.  Even from an airplane window, the view of Mount Hood is impressive.
Krista picked me up, and we drove to her neighborhood for lunch.  It was hotter than I'd hoped for, but the lack of humidity was welcoming.  We sat outside at Papa Haydn's and enjoyed our meal.
Am I the only mother who sits across the table from her daughter, and marvels that this grown-up person is her child?  I am beyond proud.
Portland is such a great place to visit...lots to see and do, and it's so GREEN!  Must have something to do with all that rain.  We drove over to Boedecker Cellars after lunch to visit with our friends, Athena and Stewart, the owners.  They are the nicest people ever, and I love poking around the winery, taking pictures.

More photo opportunities await tomorrow.  I'll see you then!


  1. As a member of HighPointers, I halfway claim Mt. Hood as one of the highpoints I've been to - just flying over as I landed in Portland. :-)

  2. And, no, you're not the only mom who marvels at her grown children. I sure do too!