Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

There's something very touching about driving down country roads on a summer holiday weekend.  Flags wave in the breeze, and roadside produce stands are open for business. Cattle graze in the fields, and hay bales dot the landscape. For some reason, these sights are comforting to me.
Today, I headed to Safari Waters Ranch, which is east of Athens, Texas, to visit my friend. Sue.  Safari Waters is an amazing community, complete with zebras.
It was too hot for the zebras to be out and about, although I did see some in the distance.  Upon arriving, Sue got out her golf cart and we drove around the neighborhood.  It's quite something...I always feel as though I'm on vacation when I visit her, and I'm a bit jealous that people get to live like this every day.

Today was the community's annual fish fry.  Lots of residents, friends and family turned out for the event, and it was relaxing and fun!  Great food and company...the weather even cooperated.  It was warm, but there was a good breeze.  First,  you paid $5.00 and got your ticket.  Then you got your plate and utensils.  Let's just say that no one went home hungry.

In a way, it was like stepping back in time.  Cells phones were not attached to everyone's ears, and the only noise was the laughter of children and good conversation.  The breeze carried the scent of pine trees, along with the smell of fish frying, and it just felt good to be a part of the festivities. Safari Waters has something wonderful going on, a sense of being part of something very special. Thanks, Sue!  It was grand!


  1. I love your commentary as much as the photos Vickie. I had a wonderful time with you and I am glad I could share this event with you. <3

  2. What a fun time! That is some seriously good-looking food.