Thursday, November 17, 2011


I've wanted to go to Vienna for a long time...even before I heard Broadway songstress Linda Eder crooning that beautiful song of the same name.  Nancy (my good friend and traveling buddy) and I had a discussion at the beginning of the year, which went, "Where should we go this year?"  "How about Vienna?"  "Okay." We're so easy to please!

Nancy left this afternoon from her home in Seattle, flying across the pond to Amsterdam and connecting there to Vienna.  I leave tomorrow evening, going through London and arriving in Vienna late Saturday afternoon.  There's apparently no short way to get there; at least we couldn't find one.

So, I've thought about packing for a few weeks now, but those of y'all who know me know the suitcases haven't even been pulled down from the shelves yet.  I did get out my Christmas market boots, my Vienna folder, and the indispensible "Streetwise" laminated map.
I had to tell Rose that I was going on another trip.  She wasn't very happy.  I believe she thinks my lens protector is a crown, and, as you can see, she's ignoring the whole situation.
Let me get over there and set up, and I'll blog every night before I go to sleep.  We're anticipating Christmas markets galore, as there are apparently eight within walking distance of our hotel.  Also a palace or two, some museums, some Hundertwasser architecture, and a bit of classical music.  I might even see those fancy ponies, Betsy!  I'm also thinking gluwein, pastries, and some stick-to-your-ribs (I know I have some, somewhere!) food.  It's cold in Vienna.  The upcoming week has temps in the low 30's and 40's, maybe even a sprinkling of snow.  Bring it on! 

See you soon!

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