Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Salzburg - Day Four

What a magical day it's been!  My sister Pam has always raved about Salzburg, and now I understand why.  We left early this morning on a seven-person tour.  Nancy refuses to take a "big bus" tour, saying she'll feel like an old lady, and I'm inclined to agree.  We are therefore trying to retain our youth for as long as possible!  Anyway, this was a day trip, and it could not have gone better.  We departed the hotel about 7:30 a.m.  Our guide, Josef, was very friendly and knowledgeable. It was cold and foggy out. We first passed the Vienna Woods, which looked like something out of a fairy tale. After driving for a bit, we stopped for a coffee and restroom break at a place that looked just like an Austrian version of Cracker Barrel in the United States!  Actually, I think it was a bit better...

We continued on in a westerly direction, and I have to admit that I dozed off for a few miles. The van was quiet, and it looked almost surreal outside.  We drove through quaint villages, beautiful countryside, past lakes and parks.

For the first time sinced I arrived, the sun suddenly came out.  It only lasted for about fifteen minutes, but every second sure felt great.

We arrived in Salzburg about noon, did a quick guided tour, and were then set free until 4 pm.  Off we went!  The town is enchanting...quaint little shops, a castle, and cobblestone streets.  Mozart was born and raised here, and parts of the Sound of Music were filmed here.  Quite a combination.  Today, there were also several Christmas markets already in business, with new ones setting up.  Christmas trees were propped everywhere, and the streets were roped with lights and decorations. 

There were lots of horses out, taking people for carriage rides.

Elaine, here's a "schneeball" for you! Remember those we ate in the car in Rothenburg??

The artist on the right makes these very cool hats!

Sorry, I got carried away with the photos here!  Someone asked how many I've taken so far...that would be 900+ in three and a half days.  Oh, well!  It's what I do!  Goodnight, all.  See you tomorrow.


  1. Dozed off for a few miles? Sleep when you get back to Balch Springs. Posie would like a mink coat!

  2. Did you know that the Castle Fuschl (painted on the side of the cow) is where we spent our honeymoon? How funny!

  3. Great photos - we were in Salzburg in late spring a few years ago but our photos were of many of the same things - Love the window displays!

  4. STUNNING!!!! You got the pictures I would have loved to gotten.. the countryside,, everything!!