Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Vienna - Day Five

Is it really day five?  How did that happen??  A week's vacation is speeding by, and we have more and more things left to do!  After breakfast today, we walked around and enjoyed the scenery.
It was again very cold, but that did not stop us, as there is a lot to see in Vienna.

Somewhere between my neighborhood and the next Christmas market, I lost my beautiful new earmuffs (a necessity in this weather), so I was forced to buy these fake fur ones.  They were inexpensive but rather hideous, however they do the trick.  There is nothing worse than cold ears, other than perhaps a cold nose!

As you can see, it was another good day!  But the ending was, by far, the best.  My Vienna friend, Elisabeth, arranged for us to attend a meeting of quilters this evening.  Their friendliness and hospitality were overwhelming, and the artistic talent of these women cannot be described. It is late (1 a.m. Vienna time), and it is bedtime for me.  Tomorrow, I will put up a separate post with more photographs from the meeting. 

I hope my friends and family in the United States have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.  This is the first time I've spent the holiday out of the country, and it feels a little strange.  I'll be thinking of you all.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving too~
    Fascinating, love the pictures of the architecture......and of course the food.
    Do they drink alot of beer there, or more coffee?

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Vickie! You did not forewarn me about the food porn....Yummies!

  3. Posie enjoyed her beef tenderloin Thanksgiving feast. A little manic to say the least! Getting chilly at night so I turned on your heater for the Pose. Enjoy your trip.

  4. Julie, lots of beer, coffee, wine, and hot chocolate!

  5. I want to shop for tea there! I get so caught up in the names of the ones at Teavana and end up with something I don't really like. Except for the "Wild Cherry", I'd have no clue what I was smelling and would be able to truly just get something I liked the smell of!