Sunday, November 6, 2011

First Monday - Canton

Another First Monday trade days, and it was a beaut! My friend, Jeanie, and I like to go on Sunday mornings, when everyone else is in church.  We were told that yesterday surpassed all records, with an estimated 200,000 people in attendance.  Holy moly, that's too many for me!  We arrived bright and early today.  It was a tad humid and a bit warm, but we did have space to walk around!

First of all, this is one of my favorite sayings!  Isn't it cute??
 As usual, lots of pups were out and about at First Monday.  This little chihuahua was traveling in style!
 Hanna sells my favorite potpourri!
 Of course there's always plenty of food, something for everyone!
 I always make it a point to stop by Girls Gone Junkin,' as it's one of my favorite places to shop.
Here's Cathy, the owner of this tres chic place.  I'm going to go out junkin' with her when things slow down, and document the day with my trusty Nikon!

 The Gypsy Pearl always has a nice selection of things, too...all very nicely displayed.
Here's my new friend, Pierre, another cute little chi.
 After leaving First Monday, we stopped at LaurieAnna's, the most beautiful store ever.  As usual, she and her crew outdid themselves.

 We finished up at Willows at Home, where I dropped by a special treat for Moe, the shop dog (and  Rose's pal).
 On the way out of there, Jeanie saw this painted pallet and decided it would go perfectly on the fence in her backyard.  Luckily, these guys helped us get it into her vehicle!  It was a little heavy.
Next month's First Monday will be the last one before Christmas...always a good time to stock up on holiday treasures!

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