Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Quilters of Vienna

Last night, Nancy and I were honored with an invitation to join a meeting of local quilters.  Our friend, Elisabeth, participates in a quilting group, and asked us if we would like to attend this meeting.  What an opportunity!  Despite the fact that we do not speak or understand German, many of these women are fluent in English.  They also translated for others. Even though I can barely sew on a button, I have always been interested in quilting, and own many quilts that were made by family members.  Nancy actually is a quilter, and was very inspired by these women.

As the women gathered for their meeting, introductions were made.  We were then given a brief history of quilting in Austria.  It has become popular here within the last twenty years.  It does not have the deep roots of quilting in America, but we were amazed at the talent, skill, and artistry of these quilters.

These women were very open and willing to share their experiences.  It quickly became clear that we were in the company of artists.  Here are some of the photographs I took.  Unfortunately, it was impossible to capture the beautiful depth of color.  You really had to be there to see it with your own eyes.  We feel very lucky to have been able to do so.  Thank you, quilters.  It was such a pleasure to get to know all of you, and we hope to see you again!


  1. Dear Vickie,

    many thanks for the great pictures and your nice words. It was our pleasure to meet you both, to share our thoughts and to show our works.
    Have another day of your best days in Vienna! Please give my greetings to Nancy, her pattern is very smart, I cann’t wait to start . Hugs Elisabeth

  2. How beautiful all of these quilts are.. I especially like / love the red one.. stunning.. Thank you for sharing what these amazing ladies are doing!!