Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oregon in October

Just got home to Dallas, where I must say it looked decidedly ugly after all the beautiful country I've seen during my trip to Oregon. I've decided that Oregon in October is truly nirvana.  This trip out, there were six days in a row with blue skies, sunshine, and warm temps.  I hear they have rain on the way this weekend, but there were no complaints weather-wise from us while we were there!

Monday was our last TartQuest day.  I decided to sleep in and take it easy, but (no surprises there!) that lasted about fifteen minutes. First, I baked biscuits for breakfast.

Next, I took a walk...

and then Pat and I decided to take a drive.  We headed north as far as Astoria, before retracing our steps back toward the house.  We decided, at the last minute, to be adventurous, and turned off to visit the little town of Gearhart. After checking out a little combination boutique garden shop, and spending a bit of money, we ate lunch at the Pacific Way Cafe.  What a hidden gem!  Lunch was great, and the atmosphere and service perfect.  The owners are fans of Scottish Terriers, and there are old photographs, paintings, etc. throughout the cafe.  I'd definitely return for dinner one of these days!

Everyone returned to our house in time for dinner, which Lois prepared.  She'd purchased the best salmon ever, and paired it with asparagus and potatoes baked with fresh rosemary (which we'd "borrowed" at a winery the day before).  We all sat for one last time at the huge dining room table, and enjoyed the feast.  There was also a perfect sunset.

I did find time for a walk up the hill to visit the neighboring farm's llamas...
Unfortunately, it was soon time to start packing our bags, as we left in two shifts Tuesday morning to accommodate everyone's flights out of Portland.  Pat left first, with Genny and Lois, who had early flights. Jamie, Jen, Mare, and I left a bit later, and with time to kill, stopped at Krista's house so I could unload my bags before walking down the street to Grand Central Bakery for a snack.  The Sellwood neighborhood is cozy and comfortable.  I wouldn't mind living there if (a) I had a job, (b) I could afford housing, and (c) it didn't rain so much (supposedly).  Anyway, we had fun, and the girls took off for the airport thereafter.

Krista arrived home, and we headed out to do a little power shopping, before returning for a dinner of chili and cornbread.  She'd invited all of my favorites (my "faux" daughters), and we had a wonderful time talking, eating and drinking, and catching up in general.

When I woke up this morning, it was hard to believe it was my last day in Oregon.  Sad!  Krista taught an early class, so my good friend, Tim, stopped by and we had a great morning walking around the neighborhood, before he took me to the airport for my noon flight.  It was hard to leave!

Hope you've enjoyed the trip and the photographs.  These last six days have made realize how lucky I am to have the friends that I do.


  1. Vickie, what a joy to discover your blog! It truly enhances our Flickr experience and I love your travel and culinary descriptions...I've just returned home too, but I will be back!