Monday, October 18, 2010

More Oregon Please!

On Monday, I piled into a car with my friends Pat, Jamie and Lois.  We headed south on the 101 to Tillamook (yes, the cheese place), and then turned eastward toward the Willamette Valley. 

The closer we got to the Valley, the warmer it got.  Leaves blew across the road, and we saw more yellow and orange color that we had before.  We were told that Oregon is enjoying the summer it never had, and I think that's definitely the case.  I've never enjoyed such perfect weather on previous visits!

We stopped in Carlton for lunch at one of my favorite places:  The Horse Radish.  It was (once again!) excellent, and we really enjoyed our lunch.

After lunch we walked down the street to a new gallery called Charrette, where I met co-owner Jane Davis.  The gallery had beautiful jewery and some fabulous hats and scarves.

We then drove on to Lafayette to check out the Lafayette School House Antiques.  There were lots of pretty things there but we enjoying looking more than buying!

The Dundee area wineries were many that it was not possible to stop by more than a few. It's harvest time!  We drove up and down hills, where many of the vines were practically dripping with grapes.  Our first stop was Bella Vista, which had a breathtaking view.

Next, on to the Lange Winery, where we did a tasting.  I also did an inpromptu photo shoot for one of their employees who was expecting her first child in November, a girl.

The day soon slipped away from us, and we headed home, stopping at a little roadside autumn stand that had lots of pumpkins and fresh produce.  I had the pleasure of doing another impromptu photo shoot for a father and his three children who were having a fun time.

We finally arrived home...rather late!  It was already dark, so we relaxed and finished up the day at our house.


  1. Speak squeek! It was a great day!

  2. Rose said, "I'd shake the cheese out of that squirrel."

  3. You make it look so nice - why don't I get there more often????