Saturday, October 23, 2010

Christmas in October!

This morning, I traveled to Canton to check out LaurieAnna's Vintage Farmhouse Christmas.  I'd heard about it from a friend, and it sounded too good to pass up.  I'm here to tell you that it was even BETTER than that!  A one-day event, this was an incredible selection of beautiful Christmas decor.

I arrived fifteen minutes before the shop opened, and there was a line of women already patiently waiting down the sidewalk.  I convinced the first section to pose for a group shot!

 These two women drove down all the way from Kansas City!!!

This shopper had on the most beautiful pin!

Just looking in the windows was enough to take a person's breath away!

When someone saw the key to unlock the front door, the line surged forward!
I was in a real quandry:  shop or take photographs!  Those of you who know me will understand what a horrible prediciment I was in!  I grabbed a shopping basket, and tried to do both.  Ultimately, the owner of store decided for me, when she asked that I not take photographs.  My fault there...I should have contacted her weeks ago and asked first.  I hope I'll be luckier next year!  It was obvious that talent, a ton of hard work, and a lot of heart went into making the Vintage Farmhouse Christmas a success.

I decided that for the amount of money I ended up spending, I could've purchased a plane ticket somewhere cool...but I'm happy with my Christmas decorations and ornaments, and can't wait to dress up my house in a festive holiday mood!

 A real find in the shop was artist Rebecca DeJohn.  Recently featured in the Dallas Morning News, she makes the most incredible wreaths you've ever seen!  Her business is called Heaven to Earth, and it is truly some of the most gorgeous work ever.

That's all I have, but believe me, there was SO much MORE in the store!  Mark your calendars for next year, shoppers!  I hope LaurieAnna and all of her assistants get some much needed rest this evening!

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