Monday, August 30, 2010

Rockwall, Texas

There's nothing like a summer day in a small Texas town.  I recently spent some time in Rockwall.  I was the crazy lady with her head sticking out of her car window, stopped in the middle of the curve of a little country road, camera glued to her face.  I really should be better about that!

I found a farmers market in progress on my first visit.  Farmers were selling big, juicy tomatoes, okra, baskets of squash, and waiting-to-be-thumped melons.  Customers were walking up and down the booth area, sampling and buying.  It was really nice.  In the shade of some trees, it wasn't even hot out (much).

After exploring the market, I drove around the historic area of the town, where there are some beautiful homes.  I expected Aunt Bea to come out of one of them, pie in hand, on her way to a ladies club meeting!

I can only drive around for so long, snapping pictures of people's homes, before the police are alerted, so I headed east and quickly was officially "out in the country."  Here's what it looked like.

Thanks for coming along!  We'll do it again, soon!


  1. Thanks Vickie for sharing your day. You always inspire me to do more! Love Andrea