Sunday, August 15, 2010

Emma and Mason

My second photography shoot in Alabama was for Emma and her brother, Mason.  Emma is two, and I think Mason is four.  They are both well-behaved, and were a lot of fun.  I started upstairs in my cousin's loft (which I love to use for photo shoots), and progressed to the front porch.  Emma's mother brought a giant basket full of clothing and accessories, along with a cousin to carry them, her mom, and an aunt!  I could've photographed the Rolling Stones with all that help! Although Mason had recently had his photograph taken, we included him in some of these, as well.

From there, we drove a few miles out further into the country, to an old farmhouse.  Emma's mother had checked with the owner of the property to see if we could take a few photographs outside of it.  Apparently the old dog trot house has been in his family for many years; three old maid sisters were the last occupants. No one has lived in it since the last one passed away. The house is truly a photographer's dream! Although I was constantly on the look out for snakes, the kids were fearless adventurers!

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  1. OMG, Vickie, these are some adorable kids! You did a great job with them.