Saturday, August 28, 2010

Beka and Matt

This morning was a beautiful Texas morning; maybe we'll actually get to autumn soon.  I met Beka and Matt at Beka's parents' house to do a shoot of the two of them.  They also brought their kids, Titus the Weimaraner and Molly, the cute little black dog.  Titus told me flat out that he was NOT related to the William Wegman Weimaraners, and as such, he refused to dress up or pose...although we sure did try! 
We got some fun photographs, and it was so great to actually be shooting outside and not sweating bullets.  Those shoots in  Alabama earlier this month about killed's really nice not to have your lens fog up from the humidity!

We also included Beka's grandmother in several photographs.  What a lovely lady!

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