Saturday, September 10, 2016

Day Two - Strasbourg

I spent today walking around was warm, blue skies, and beautiful. I love how you can walk everywhere when in Europe, not like at home! There are always many modes of transportation here (metros, trams, etc). These are some of my photographs taken today, starting with fresh flowers at the stand down the street.
 Many people were sitting outside at cafes, eating breakfast.

I managed to find my favorite department store, Galleries Lafayette, with no problem!
Beautiful staircase there!
Lots of saleswomen wearing black dressses today!
 Some darling Jimmy Choo boots!
 This sheep dog was trying to buy some lingerie, but no one would wait on him!
 And the poodle was buying some Chanel cosmetics...
Down the street from the department store, I found quite a few patisseries.

A very cute shower curtain!
 And more fresh posies!
 This dog went to buy bread!

Here's a cat for my cat lovin' friends...
I'm not sure how the burritos would be here...

There was a book fair on Rue Gutenberg.

It's kind of cool to come around the corner and see the famous Strasbourg cathedral right in front of you. That said, the tourist quota immediately zooms up!
So, I turned and went back to the hotel, looking at new things all the way there!

And on this note, I'll sign off the evening. I'm off to the rail station to pick up my friend Victoria. We'll have dinner, and catch up on everything. We have tomorrow until 3pm in Strasbourg, and then we pick up my rental car and head south to Riquewihr, where we'll be spending eight nights in a holiday apartment.


  1. What a beautiful way too spend your day! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Did you buy the black booties for walking around the cobbled streets??

  3. Lovely flowers and food porn besides! I always enjoy the dogs too.

    WR Pat