Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Day Six - Lalique Museum

After a perfect start to the day, it continued getting better.  Our friend, Jean-Paul, drove us to his lovely home to pick up his wife, Martine, as they had planned a trip for us to the Lalique museum, which is about two hours north of here. We love both Jean-Paul and Martine, and really appreciate them spending an entire day with us!
The stairs inside their house caught my eye...such nice clean lines, and the original glass is in the doors.

We stopped for lunch and had fresh fish. Very tasty!
Next, a surprise visit! Legend has it that in 1858, there were no apples (which were then used to decorate Christmas trees). Instead, glassblowers in Meisenthal made glass balls, and used them as Christmas ornaments. The history is very interesting, and we went inside the shop, where I bought a small, simple glass ornament. Glassblowers were working in an open area below, but the heat was too intense to watch.

Next up was a visit to the relatively new (2011) Lalique museum. Set in the tiny village where Rene Lalique first set up his glassworks in 1921, the museum displays over 650 incredible pieces.

As you leave, origami birds made from maps hang by the window.
 A very majestic house is across from the museum.
By the time we left, the day had slipped away, and the sun was setting as we approached home. A very full day, with every second enjoyable. Thanks again, Jean-Paul and Martine!


  1. We have had beautiful Lalique in the store. One vase Birdie sold on the internet and we have had a few perfume bottles. :)

  2. Such beautiful craftsmanship! Thanks for bringing us along.