Monday, September 12, 2016

Day Three - Strasbourg

With my traveling buddy, Victoria, here at least, we enjoyed Sunday in Strasbourg.

My favorite photograph taken so far is of this waiter setting up the tables for Sunday lunch. It's so French!
The Strasbourg cathedral cannot be photographed to do it justice; it's so large, and everywhere you look, there's something else to see.

We came across this trio playing beautiful classical music on the street.

Right around the corner, traditional Alsatian music was playing, with dancers dressed in their traditional clothing.

The carousel was also pumping out music, and children were smiling broadly.

For my Arizona friends:
And, finally, a fluffy swirl of caramel ice cream.
After our lunch meal, we returned to the hotel to take a taxi to the airport.  Renting a car is relatively easy in France, but the train station's car rental area is closed on Sunday, so the airport was our only choice. Having reserved a small car (for the corresponding smaller roads), I was dismayed to find a giant Opel SUV waiting for me...and for the life of us, neither could find the cigarette lighter/adapter to plug in our portable GPS. It was an adventure getting to Riquewihr (about half an hour south of Strasbourg) without the security of the GPS, but the route is well marked, thankfully! It also didn't help that I had not driven a stick shift in over twenty years, but that came quickly back to me. In any event, I was relieved to get to our destination, find a parking space, and turn off the car! Our apartment was waiting for us, with Valerie (the manager) here to show us some new features that had been added since my last stay. John-Paul and Martine (the owners and dear friends of mine) met us at their office, along with Happy the Westie, for a glass of cremant d'Alsace, followed by dinner at a lovely restaurant just blocks away. Victoria and I were ready to turn in after walking back to our apartment. The air had cooled down, and it was much like a late summer evening, but in a magical place.

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