Thursday, September 15, 2016

Day Seven - Niedermorschwihr, France

This morning, we headed to Niedermorschwihr, a tiny village a few kilometers from Kaysersberg. It is known primarily as the home of Christine Ferber, the "jam fairy" of the world. If you've not heard of her, click here to read more about this incredible woman! The village is like a fairy tale itself: this was my third trip here, and it was reassuring to see the brightly colored houses nestled in the vineyards, and with few people out and about. It's a different world! The jam is truly the best e-v-e-r, as is any pastry or bread that comes from her shop.

This is the the bakery and shop.
 There are many flavors of jam from which to choose!
Outside, we asked one of the staff what was in the boxes, and she patiently explained that it was a special order of jam to be sent to Pierre Herme's shop in Paris...he would be the only one to sell it.

The post office delivers via motorbike.

See you next time, Niedermorschwihr!


  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely!! I need to go there.

    WR Pat

  2. Very nice! So glad you got in a pic this time! You are looking great Vickie!!

  3. The architecture and colors are so pretty. The jam doesn't sound bad either!