Thursday, September 17, 2015

Day Ten - Paris

It was still raining this morning when I left Dijon. The train ride to Paris is very short...maybe an hour and a half at most, and I slept all the way. We arrived on time, and were soon in a taxi, speeding through the streets of Paris toward my hotel. Nancy and John are staying in Montmarte, which is a good bit north, but I hope to see them again before I leave. As we neared my hotel, I felt like a child on Christmas Eve. Paris is the most beautiful, elegant city I've ever seen. I never tire of visiting over and over again. I envy people who can afford to live here. So, after dropping off our luggage, we walked up to Rue du Cherche Midi, for lunch in a tiny tea room next to Poilane, which is the best bakery in Paris. It's become a tradition for us to eat at this same place for our first meal in town each year. I took these photographs while walking to lunch and then back to the hotel. Paris is a photographer's dream.

 Here's my cozy little hotel room.


  1. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better! ♡

  2. I've thoroughly enjoyed all of your blogs on this trip. Just gorgeous. You "get" what France is all about! Can't wait for more stories when you get back...lunch at the museum?

    A bientot!