Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Day Eight - At Home in Dijon

This morning, Nancy and John took the train to a nearby village. It was chilly and windy and looked ominously like rain, so I decided to stay in my "hood" and pretend I lived here. First off, that meant no carrying my camera around...VERY hard for me to do, but it gave me the opportunity to look around and appreciate so many things without the weight of the camera around my neck. It also made me decide to go ahead and order the little Fuji street camera that I've been coveting for over a year. Made for people just like me, it's practically weightless and the quality of the photographs is amazing. But, I digress...I did a little shopping and walking, and before it seemed possible, lunchtime arrived. I spotted a patisserie just minutes away from my apartment that carried sandwiches, tarts, quiche, pastries and the usual bread suspects. In seconds, everything was wrapped and ready for me to take home. The woman behind me in line struck up a conversation; she was from New York and has lived here for ten years. Turns out, her apartments is two buildings down from where I'm staying. Lunch was perfect. I found a little radio on top of the microwave, dialed in some French tunes, opened the windows ever so slightly, and enjoyed myself tremendously. Here are the only photographs taken today.


  1. Looks heavenly. Sometimes it's good to just stay put.

    1. Yes, it is, Sister! Hope all is well back home.

  2. Spectacular! Isn't it nice to have a vacation day without an itenerairy! We have been vacationing with our best friends for 19 years. We take one or two days, cram everything we can into it. Then the rest of the trip, just totally enjoy our time together. We end up having the greatest time ever!