Friday, September 11, 2015

Day Four - Burgundy Region Wine Tour

Today was a much anticipated day: our day-long private wine tour around the Beaune area with guide Max, owner of Wine & Water.  Not only does Max own a beautiful river barge, which we toured today and I will blog about later, but he also does private wine tours. His knowledge of the wines of Burgundy is extensive, and we had a blast! Guess where we're thinking about going next year? Here are a few photos from 'Wine Day 2015."

 It's harvest time here in Burgundy. Workers are in the fields hand picking the grapes. We're told the grapes are not as plentiful this year, but they are very good.

We had an excellent a beautiful dining room! The painting on the wall is a map of the Burgundy region, which, as you can see, is extensive.
 We ate in the wine cellar...very cool!

I learned a lot about the wines of Burgundy today, but, frankly, I'm very tired and seem to have forgotten major portions of it. I typically can rely on my sidekick, Nancy, to assist with this sort of thing, but she and John are staying in another apartment. So, it's off to bed for me. Tomorrow morning, we're going to the Saturday market (just a short walk away), and then meeting my friend Victoria at the train station. She's coming up from Lyon to spend the day with us! We will have a chance to walk around the historical part of town and have an easy day. See you later!


  1. What a great wine day! Everything is so beautiful.

  2. So pretty and a great new area for you to visit.