Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Color of Food

Yesterday, I had a photo shoot at Koung Thai restaurant in Rockwall, Texas.  I've frequented this restaurant since I moved to Dallas from Phoenix.  I was amazed at the lack of Thai restaurants in a town as large as Dallas, and grateful when I found Koung Thai.  The owners recently asked that I help them with some photographs for their new menu, website and facebook page.  I arrived at 10 a.m. to lots of hustle and bustle in the kitchen.  In the next two hours, appetizers, soups, and fourteen entrees were paraded out for my camera.  It was like the first Thai Thanksgiving!  The one thing that stood out was the vibrant colors that make up traditional Thai food, and I wanted to share some examples with you today.  Enjoy!


Is it time to eat yet? If you live in the Dallas area, I highly recommend this restaurant!


  1. Awesome Vickie!!! I'm hungry now. Your pictures as always are incredible. Michelle

  2. yummy looking food and they have a great presentation!