Thursday, October 25, 2012

France Day Six - Albi

After visiting Cordes sur Ciel yesterday, we drove on to Albi.  Located on the River Tarn, Albi is known for its beautiful bridge, and for its cathedral.  On the drive from Cordes, we zipped past more vineyards and farms, and in no time, we were pulling into an underground parking garage, which we later would be unable to find...temporarily, of course.

I went to the Cathedral to light candles for my good friend, Bill's father, who recently passed away, as well as for another family friend of the Kappes', Lynn Cunningham (no relation to me).  Another candle was lit for my dear friend, Dee, whose daughter underwent surgery this morning.

 Upon leaving the cathedral, I found this cute little Rat Terrier, who reminded me of my Rose.  Rose, of course, is more attractive and stylish.
This bridge is one of the oldest in France.  We walked across it and checked out the other side of town.
 These are two of the newer bridges in Albi.
 There were lots of dog items in the shop windows.

 Absinthe was prominently feature in liquor stores.
 Nancy pointed out this man to me.  His outfit scared both of us.
 There were also lots of pretties in the shop windows.
Before we knew it, the day had slipped away.  We wanted to get home before dark, but didn't quite make it.  Once again, however, Nancy proved herself to be an excellent French driver.  I'm calling her the Queen of the Round-Abouts! We were home by 8 pm, and made a little dinner of pasta at the house.  It was just the right thing, and we were happy that we were in a house, instead of a hotel.  More later!

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  1. I loved the picture of the absinthe bottle. Oh yesssssssss! Posie was looking for mama at the door during World Series. It was cute. Coco focused her attention on the fridge door. We might need a bigger pet door by the time you get home! Cold front moving in tonight. High tomorrow is 55. Will turn on heater if needed. Willie Jules