Tuesday, October 30, 2012

French Markets

After being in France for almost two weeks, my American cupboards were literally bare upon my return.  I was forced to get up this morning and go to the grocery store.  Had I not noticed before that everything is wrapped in plastic or comes in bags?  That maybe twenty percent of the store has fresh items (fruits and vegetables, possibly meat that could be considered fresh)?  It was an eye-opener.  In a more perfect world, people would shop like the French do.  One of my favorite markets in Paris in the Raspail Bio Market, which means it's all organic.  Every Sunday morning, the neighborhood wakes up and many people visit this market.  I'd not been before in late October, and it was brimming with autumn vegetables.  I spent a long time looking and photographing, and wishing I could shop like this at home. Look at these photographs, and I think you'll agree.



  1. Mom and I are sitting here literally salivating at this beautiful food...just amazing!