Saturday, October 20, 2012

France Day Two - Morning in Toulouse

It felt so good to stretch out, and get a good night's sleep!  This morning, I was refreshed, up, and ready by 8 a.m. Nancy and John met me downstairs in the hotel lobby, and we took a walk around the city centre of Toulouse.  It's really a pretty town, and we'll be spending more time here later in the week.
After breakfast, we walked around the outdoor market.  The weather was a bit drizzly, but it was quite warm,


In the city centre, there are many pedestrian streets with shops and restaurants.
 We even found a carousel in the park.
 The ticket taker looked a little bored...
Always good advertising to be had in France!
 And there were plenty of outdoor flower markets.
We found a nice bakery with some serious breads and pastries in the window.

We were having such a great time, that it was very surprising when Nancy suddenly announced it was 11 a.m. (as in check-out time at the hotel).  We scurried back, grabbed our bags, and waited while the hotel called a cab for us (announcing to the operator that we had "beaucoup de baggage").  From the hotel, we went back to the airport to pick up our rental car, which is a black Peugeot with a very cool  giant moon roof covering the entire top.  Nancy is the driver, and I'm signed on as a "back-up."  She did an excellent job of getting us to Carcassonne, which is about an hour south of Toulouse, and to our home for the next week, the lovely Maison Juliette.


  1. Beautiful pictures....and wonderful food~~~Yummmm...

  2. I love the markets and the shops....why oh, why do we have to shop the way we do! I loved our bread lady, our pastry shop, cheese & meat shop....and buying squash 1 slice at a time!! Thanks for sharing!
    Kathy Kelley

  3. Loved the picture. The city and food make me wish I was in France right now. So jealous.
    Cuz....Diana Gayle

  4. Ah photos, much better then yesterday! I wish I was getting bread, and pastries, and flowers with you instead I'm prepping for my nursing exam next week.....
    Love you mama

  5. Thanks, everyone! Krista, good luck with your nursing exam...I'm sure you will ace it!

  6. Dear Vickie, I enjoy your pictures. Please give my regards to Nancy! Have much fun in France! Yours Elisabeth

  7. Oh the food!! My mouth is watering. This is not good for my DIET! I want to run down to the bakery and get a big croissant. ;-) JSH

  8. The macarons there look amazing!! Our "French" macarons sure don't look like that!

    Also - that Pumpkin pic? It looks glazed! It is gorgeous!