Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday in East Texas

I started out this morning by heading due east to the little town of Alba, Texas.  I'm doing the photography for the wedding of Beth and Brandon next Saturday, and I wanted to meet with them at their church to check out the lighting and to go over last minute details.  Alba, population 430, is a bit further than I thought...out in the woods, and maybe 80 miles away, but it was a beautiful drive.  I first went to the wrong Baptist church (who knew there were two in such a small town!), but eventually I found it...a sweet little country church.

Next week, it'll be transformed for Beth and Brandon's wedding, but in the meantime, the happy couple posed for a photograph.
After finishing up my checklist, I said goodbye, and, since I was already "nearby," decided to stop by Greenville on the way home.  My friends at the Calico Cat were in the midst of a busy retail day, and the place looked so festive!

Pud Kearns was upstairs in a special gallery, showing off her collection of folk art nativity scenes.  Some are for sale, some are for display only.

The prize for the most "unusual" went to the squirrel nativity scene.  It originally came to Pud from an attorney who was given it by a grateful client, who was a taxidermist.
Good lord!  Just another typical Saturday morning in east Texas...

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