Sunday, December 4, 2011


Lucas will soon be one year old.  His parents, Evelyn and Sergio, decided he was old enough for a photo shoot, so off we went!  We decided to meet at the Gaylord Resort, since it always has excellent Christmas decorations...lots of color and movement, just what we needed to keep a little boy interested.
And it worked!  Lucas was an excellent model!  His parents must have the magic touch.
 Lucas was one of the most stylish subjects ever; take a look at his matching hat!
He was very impressed with the giant Christmas trees!
Lucas was also happy to have his bear with him.
He was also very happy to have his mother nearby.
There was so much to see and do!

Lucas continued to be a good sport!
Before long, it was time for a change of clothes. 
Look at these fancy slacks!  Evelyn told me that his grandmother sent them.

Lucas was very impressed with the gingerbread man.

 We even managed to get a photograph of Lucas' mom and dad!
Pretty soon, though, it was time for Lucas to put on his hat, and head for home.
 It had been a festive afternoon, but on the way out, there was still one more Christmas tree to see.
Happy holidays!

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