Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas with the Messners

My friend and neighbor, Melissa, invited me over to join her for Christmas lunch today.  She was hosting her family, all of whom I've met and love.  I'm not around children very often on Christmas, so it was fun to watch the reactions and actions of Lukas and Lily (the wonder twins) and their older brother, Lj, to all the festivities.  Here's Melissa and her sister, Michele.  Love the hat, Neighbor!

Lots of beautiful decorations here!

It's such a pleasure to watch Claudia (also known as Oma) with her grandchildren.

Lily with Uncle Matthew and Aunt Liz
 Look like little Giblet has a crush on Aunt Liz!
Michelle's husband, Les, was working on a labor of love:  an afghan for an aunt in Germany who is fighting breast cancer.
Gib-a-lit, as the twins call him, will be enjoying this ham bone tomorrow!
And even though sweet Bossy Boy is no longer with us, his stocking was put out in remembrance.

Merry Christmas to you and your family, Neighbor!  By the way, I could almost feel Wayne smiling as I closed the door behind me, and headed across the street.

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  1. Love it..thanks for spending Christmas with us!!