Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas is for Sisters!

This afternoon, I did a Christmas photo shoot for the Erin, Steve, and their girls.  Anna and Sloane got all dressed up for the occasion, and looked as cute as can be.  Anna is the big sister and Sloane is the newest addition to the family.  Sloane, of course, doesn't have the freedom that Anna has; she can't run to the Christmas tree yet!
 Anna made this ornament all by herself.
Erin and Anna had fun getting ready for the photo shoot.
 Steve fed Sloane so she'd be a happy participant.

With girls as well behaved as these two, it's a cinch that Santa will be stopping by their house on Christmas Eve!


  1. beautiful children..........beautiful photos!!!

  2. Thanks Vickie. You're the best. Excellent work!

  3. So fun! :) I love them!