Friday, October 21, 2011

Portland, Day One

I'm in Portland visiting my daughter, Krista, and getting my "fall fix."  Krista's in nursing school, so today I had the entire day to myself.  My friend, Rene', drove up from Lebanon, Oregon, and we spent the day together.  Rene' is also a photographer, and we met on facebook, discussing Kelly Moore's photography bags (or lack thereof, at the time). This was our first face-to-face meeting, and we had an absolute blast. Despite what my mother says, I have yet to meet an ax murderer on facebook...

Krista and her fiance, Tony, live in Sellwood, a cute little neighborhood with a vintage feel in southeast Portland.  Rene' and I spent more time walking than we did driving, since everything is so close.  There were lots of dogs out and about.

There was even a cat in a window.
After breakfast at Grand Central Bakery, we walked down to an antique store in search of photography props.  Rene' found a cute bench, and we both enjoyed talking with Pat, the owner.  My favorite Sellwood store is Fuchsia, which is owned by extraordinarily talented Anne Reis.  Anne's mother dropped by, and I was able to convince them to pose!

Next, we drove to Oaks Bottom, and did a little trail walking.  It was very fall-like!

All that walking made us hungry, so we drove back into town in search for lunch.  The Sellwood houses are so cute!  Lots of Halloween decorations were up, too, making the entire town look very festive.

We ended up at Papa Haydens, one of my favorite Sellwood restaurants.
Lunch was great, and they have exceptionally delicious desserts!
We next were charged with walking off all those calories, so we hit the streets again, enjoying the rest of the day.   This women had on her Halloween sweater!

Here are the two photographers, hard at work!

All in all, a great day!  More to come tomorrow.


  1. Love this!!! You got great pictures today and I had a blast!! It was so wonderful finally meeting the person who has been my friend for over 2 years!!! Thank you for today,, I had a blast!!!

  2. Gorgeous pics, the woods look just lovely. Glad to hear that Rene' is not an ax murderer. :-)