Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mule Day!

Some of my friends are not on facebook (shocking, I know!), and they've been asking to see photographs from Mule Day.  My family is fromWinfield, Alabama, and once a year the town hosts "Mule Day."  It consists of a parade of mules, horses, vintage cars and tractors, as well as arts and craft booths and county fair-type food.  I made it back there this year, and it was a photographer's dream.  Lots of fun!  I think my favorite part was getting early up early that day, and going with my father to the registration area for mules and horses.  We walked round in the wet grass, and talked to the people who had come from several states to join in the festivities.

The weather was perfect, and about 20,000 people came to town to enjoy the day.

There sure wasn't a lack of food here!

Lots of things for sale, too!

But of course the mules were the stars of the show!

It's nice to see a bit of small town America, on a pretty autumn day in the deep South.  As Alan Jackson would say, it's "where I come from."

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