Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Das Family

I did a photo shoot for the Das family yesterday.  I first met Sheffy at yoga class years ago, and we became
friends.  Then, I dropped out for almost two years.  In August, I was standing rather forlornly in the changing room on my first day back, when, all of a sudden, a shrill squeal pierced the air, and I was enveloped into a giant hug, courtesy of Sheffy!  Friends for life, that's what we are.

The Das family has lived in Las Colinas for many fact, since before their son, Miki, was born.  Miki is a senior in high school this year, and I'll be doing his senior session next week. Sheffy asked for a photo shoot of her family, since Miki will be going away to college soon, and she wanted the photographs to be taken in their neighborhood.  Sheffy told me that when she was pregnant with Miki, she used  to walk around the museum exhibit of the mustangs of Los Colinas.  So, off we went!

Her husband, Milu, and Miki were very good sports, because, let's face it, most men aren't big on having their pictures taken!  A very handsome family, don't you think?

Did I mention Sheffy's hair?  Oh, Sheffy's hair!  My short little scruffy hair is SO jealous!

I like capturing a little slice of time for my clients.  These photographs represent where this family was in their lives on October 8, 2011...Miki, about to embark upon the great adventure of life, with Sheffy and Milu becoming "empty nesters."  Much has changed since Sheffy walked around the horses, a pregnant young mother, many years ago.

We moved to the other side of the building, and took a few more snaps.

We finished up nearby, visiting some more sculptures.

Thanks, Sheffy and family, for a wonderful afternoon!


  1. You take beautiful portraits Vickie. You clearly have a knack for making your subjects feel confident and relaxed while you're pointing a camera at them. Well done my friend.

  2. Oh such a beautiful family and you captured their spirit beautifully. Please tell the Das family "thanks" for allowing you to post. Enjoyed and definitely put a smile on my face. Love you friend, Jimmie Sue