Monday, March 21, 2011

Paris - Day Four

Bon Soir!  It is 9:30 pm here, and we've had a full day.  This morning we slept in just a bit, and then took the Metro back to the Marais, where we walked around, did a bit of shopping, and took a few photographs.  Once again, the weather did not disappoint us, and it was warm enough to walk around without a coat.

We passed a restaurant whose sign advertised Louisiana food.  This was what was featured in their window!
We quickly walked past it, and found something that looked much better!
I'm reading the Letters of Madame Sevigne right now, and was surprised to happen upon this street named after her.

We eventually headed back to the First Arrondisement for a bit of department store shopping, but first lunchtime called, so we sat outside at a little sidewalk cafe and restored our energy!  Here's Krista, looking more and more Parisian by the second!
The two largest department stores in Paris are located side by side on Boulevard Haussmann:  Printemps and Galleries Lafayette.  There is nothing to compare them with in the United States.  Both prohibit photographs being taken inside.  I read somewhere that they are afraid the photographers might be spies from the other store!  I'd almost be more concerned about their window displays; they are works of art.  My favorite is the Louis Vuitton trunk with the flowers in it.

 Miss Dior was also appropriate displayed...

The last two crack me up because I have my middle-class reflection in them both, and would have to mortgage my house to afford to buy anything in their departments.

While in Galleries Lafayette, I couldn't help myself when I saw one of their wedding displays.  No one confiscated my camera, but I left quickly...

I thought about buying a pair of shoes, but both stores each have an entire floor devoted to women's shoes.  I was overwhelmed, and left without making a purchase.  Downstairs in Galleries Lafayette, there was no sign of a weak economy.  People were lined up to go into the individal Prada and Chanel boutiques. We stayed in the middle of the stores, where the more affordable things are; anything on the edges is too expensive!  Krista did find a hat for the Royal Wedding.  Now if she only will get that invitation in the mail!
One of the stores even has a "Bordeauxtheque."  Wine for everyone!
We spent a little time on the rooftop terrace of Galleries Lafayette.  It was so nice and warm, and the views cannot be beat!

We suddenly realized that the entire afternoon had gotten away from us, so we trudged back to the Metro and our neighborhood.

 Our favorite bakery beckoned, and we each got an afternoon snack...mine was the lemon tart.

We've just gotten back from dinner at Le Relais de l'Entrecote on Montparnasse.  Red wine, steak and frites!  Off to bed now.  Tomorrow, we're taking the train to Chartres.  Bonne nuit!


  1. OK, as if yesterday wasn't enough! Now I am REALLY JEALOUS!!!! Glad you are having fun.


  2. Ah, good old Cajun Lucky Charms. So glad it's available in Paris! Looks like the department stores were a great adventure, and Krista, the hat is very fetching. More adventures tomorrow!
    Love to you both.

  3. whoops, I didn't know we couldn't take photos in Galeries Laf! I took lots!

    Hope you have a wonderful day in Chartres. Looking forward to reading about it here!

  4. I heartily approve of your lemon tart choice, and I'm struck by the cafe au lait bowls., they are so French.

  5. Beans and pancakes! Tres chic! Love it. You both look stunning.


  6. Love the "Louisiana Food!" Will have to pass that along to my favorite Cajun. She'll get a kick out of that!

  7. Living vicariously through your blog Vickie. These pictures and stories brighten my day! You are creating wonderful memories with Krista.