Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Paris Day Five - Part II - Iles de Cite and St. Louis

Tuesday's Rodin post wore me out.  Those photographs take a long time to post when the connection isn't the best.  So, I thought I'd put the second part of yesterday into a new post.  There are two very small islands in the Seine, Ile de Cite (home of Notre Dame and Saint Chapelle) and Ile de St. Louis (home of Johnny Depp).  After a short rest, we Metro'd over to the Ile de Cite, and walked through their plant market before approaching Notre Dame.  The market had lots of dried lavender for sale, like these little packets.

That little speck holding the yellow shopping bag is me!

It was such a spectacular afternoon.  As we walked outside of the cathedral, we passed children playing in the park.

We soon crossed the bridge over the Seine onto Ile St. Louis.  It was warm enough for ice cream, so we stopped at Berthillon for an afternoon treat.  Then we wandered around the Ile, but, alas, we did not spot Johnny Depp.  It was, however, easy to see the charm of the Ile, and why he and Vanessa would call it their home!
 This Retriever was taking his afternoon snooze.
 Lots of cheese to choose from in this window!
 The trees were beginning to bud, and springtime was here!
 We found a favorite candy store on the Ile that we'd visited on an earlier trip to Strasbourg.

 This little guy has become my best friend in Paris.  Oui, it's the ATM host!

 Krista found these umbrellas to be a little scary.
 I think a romantic person must live here...

 Many people were sitting along the Seine, enjoying the sunshine.

As the sun began setting, we headed back to the Metro, and then home to our little hotel room.  It'd been a long day, hours and hours since we'd started out at the Marais and then the Musee Rodin, so we decided to skip a fancy dinner and grabbed pizza and wine instead.  It hit the spot.  Back at the inn, Krista immediately fell asleep, while I watched television for a bit before retiring. I miss Posie, but I'm sure having a good time here. Thanks for joining us!


  1. I agree with K. about the umbrellas-they kind of look like ladies in straightjackets. Everything else is gorgeous. Can you even imagine living on that little island??? I can't think of a more incredible spot. Sweet dreams!

  2. My favorite is that your best friend is the ATM host!! It's funny because I'm sure it's true!! :) Sorry I haven't been commenting, but I've loved following along on your trip. Looks completely amazing, and the photos are just ridiculous! I want to go back!!

  3. Laura, glad that you've been following along! We head home in the morning, but I'm a day behind with my blogging so there's still more to come. The trip has been wonderful!

    Pam, I can't even begin to imagine living in such a heavenly place!