Sunday, March 20, 2011

Paris - Chatou Antique and Ham Market - Dogs

There were so many cute pups at the Chatou Antique and Ham Market today that I decided they deserved their own blog post.

That last dog was the happiest, because he had his very own hambone!


  1. Okay, how many other people think the lady at the red table looks just like her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel???

  2. Yes, she does, and she also looks like she just got caught eating the cat's treats! Thank you for the picture of the goldie, so sweet. Time for breakfast here in the States, and there's no ham in the house to be found:) I hope you DVR's the Royal Wedding special last night [Charles and Diana]. Have fun kids.
    Hamless Leigh Ann

  3. fantastic pics , like the black one with the grey muzzle, and I hope someone boght that bag!

  4. I like the guy with his little dog in his purse :)

  5. I could've snapped photos of dogs all day long here. It was a toss-up, though, between that and looking at all the exciting things for sale...oh, and eating ham...