Sunday, March 20, 2011

Paris - Antique and Ham Market - Food

Could there be anything better than shopping for French treasures?  Yes!   Being able to eat AND shop at the same place!   Chatou's Antique and Ham Market does the trick nicely.  There are two long aisles of nothing but food vendors, with tables and chairs set out on the gravel pathways.  There's also one restaurant, where we ate lunch.  I can vouch for their ham steak with bernaise sauce and frites!  It was fun to watch as furniture vendors covered antique tables with a cloth, before proceeding to sit down and enjoy a two-hour  long meal.  Pity the poor customer who needed something then!  They even had champagne! Here are food scenes from our Chatou Adventure today.  Here's my disclaimer, though:  vegetarians, don't go any further...


  1. Sensational photos!!! I'm posting this link on both my facebook and twitter accounts!!!

  2. Thanks! It was such a great day! Loads of fun!