Friday, May 2, 2014

France - Day Seven - Part Deux

Yesterday afternoon deserves a post all to itself. After meeting Ann and Nerida, friends who each own homes in Saint Cirq-Lapopie, we were able to view a house here that was completely restored from the rubble. The owner rents it out as a holiday home, and it is beyond impressive. So, what's behind this door?  Oooooh la la!

I hope you enjoyed the tour.  We did!


  1. Today, I was sent a link to these photos, and as the owner of the house pictured (Coeur de Lion-- after Richard the Lion-Heart who was repelled by archers from this small village), I am delighted that you got the tour and that you took such lovely photos. I thought I had nice photos on our website-- maisonsouthernfrance. com-- but they pale in comparison to yours. I hope you'll come for an overnight sometime. Merci beaucoup. Charlie