Sunday, May 4, 2014

Amsterdam - Day Two

Amsterdam is the best place I've ever visited for street photography. It's convinced me to buy the small, lightweight camera I've been thinking about for the past year...sure do wish I had it right now! There's a photo waiting to be taken every place you look. One does have to be careful though; there are over 450,000 bicycles in Amsterdam, and they all seem to believe they have the right of way!


  1. Love it - thank you for the Goldie! Been waiting and I knew you'd come through. Your apartments look terrific! Enjoy your time in Amsterdam!

    Leigh Ann

    1. No problem, Leigh Ann! I found a few more today...which I'll post later!

  2. Please send flight info for Wednesday. I know you don't want to come home but Balch Springs awaits. Willie Jules