Saturday, April 26, 2014

Day Two - France

This morning I woke up thinking some construction was going on outside.  I rolled over, and it continued for a few minutes, before I realized someone was knocking at my hotel room door. It was Nancy, trying to ascertain if I'd died in my sleep. I'd overslept, and set my alarm for weekdays instead of weekend. Ah, well. 'Tis vacation, after all! I dressed quickly, met Nancy and John downstairs for breakfast, followed by a brisk walk around the center of Toulouse.

At 10 a.m., our taxi picked us up and drove us to the Toulouse airport to pick up our rental car. Soon after, we were on our way north to the tiny village of Saint Cirq-Lapopie, where we've rented a cottage for a week. Leaving the big city behind was a relief, and soon we were driving past rolling green fields dotted with livestock and old stone farm houses. Although the village is only about ninety miles north of Toulouse, it seems like a million years away.  Here's where we're hanging out...a cottage that overlooks the Lot River. It's pretty cold here today, and we've had rain off and on. We walked to dinner this evening, and hard a hearty, hot cassoulet, which was just perfect!

More photos of the village tomorrow.  Until then.


  1. Melissa called me today saying her Mom had died. She is heading to San Antonio to be with her family. Thought you might light a candle for Claudia in one of those beautiful churches there. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but thought you would want to know. Bill

    1. I just saw Melissa's message to me on facebook, and immediately lit a candle next to the little church next door to where we are staying. So, so sorry to hear the news, but thank you for telling me.

  2. So wonderful, I sure hope you will find some French chickens out in the country to photograph for me!!! Enjoy your travels. xoxo

  3. Vickie - thank you so much for always blogging your journey. I love to be able to see what you are seeing and live vicariously through your photos. Have fun!