Sunday, April 27, 2014

Day Three- France

Today was an incredibly beautiful day in Saint Cirq-Lapopie. It was cold. It was warm. The sun graced us with some sunshine. It poured down rain (sideways), the wind blowing and blowing. In other words, we had several seasons in one...I kept waiting for the snow. Here are some of my favorites, starting with this lady out walking early this morning.

Water for traveling dogs!

This is a local apple pastry, which made for a great breakfast!
I love this old swing!

See the church?  The second house to the right (with red shutters) is our rental.

 A candle for my sweet friend, Claudia Messner, who passed away suddenly yesterday in San Antonio.  Love you, Claudia.

 A great shop with umbrellas, purses, and kitchen things. I bought a new purse.

 Twilight comes to the village.
 There's a light in our kitchen window!

See you all tomorrow!


  1. Spectacular pictures - I would never want to leave! I left you a post yesterday but it didn't show up for some reason - that'll teach me for trying to do it from my phone. I love living life through your lens. Continued fun and safe travels! Leigh Ann

  2. Love the wooden bench … can imagine sitting on it and drinking in the view of this gorgeous village. Great pics which make me want to visit!

  3. I've been commenting from my phone every day only to realize they're not posting-why can't I comment from my iphone??? Anyhoo, gorgeous photos, and what a place to stay-magical! That view is incredible, and love the light in the kitchen window :-).

  4. Those Purses!! I would have totally made you get me that long handled green one on the left if I hadn't broken down and found a Kelly Moore bag I love!

  5. Fabulous! I'm so glad I peeped in, your photos are just perfection.