Monday, October 28, 2013

Iggie Central

A visit to Holly's house is always a treat...especially if you love Italian Greyhounds like I do.Holly's pack was happy to see me yesterday, and I was happy to see them.We had a nice chat, and everyone got lots of attention. It was fun to dress the kids up in their holiday accessories, too, even though they were adamant about not doing a group shot...

Holly says Jack was her husband in a prior life! He looks like a very distinguished older man, don't you think?

The lovely Princessa (aka Cessa) was thrilled to strike a pose.She told me that America's Next Top Model called her so often, that she had to change her phone number!

Star is the elusive Iggie.  She seldom comes out when I visit, but this time she was quite interested in what was going on. I managed to get one photograph of her in her holiday gear.
Vinnie is a very handsome boy!

Little Tino is fifteen years old.  He is deaf, and can now see only some shapes. Tino loves having Holly nearby, but he gets around quite well!

Monti looks very regal in his antlers!  I had to apologize to him for telling him that his skin looks like the old-fashioned formica that used to be on kitchen floors!
Holly hates having her picture taken, so hopefully she won't kill me for slipping this one in. I'm not sure why that is, because she's adorable. I'm SO jealous of her hair!!!
Benny is a daddy's boy.  He only came out when I was getting ready to leave!
By the end of my visit, the pups were getting bored with the whole thing...they were ready for their naps. Thanks for letting me stop by, Holly! I know how busy you are this time of the year, but I just can't be in the neighborhood without a quick get-together!

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  1. These turned out great, Vickie!!! Thanks for cropping out my huge derierre <3. Hope you will be back soon!!! xoxoxo